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PTA Meeting Minutes

PTA Meeting November 8, 2017

Grace S. Beck Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes


November 6, 2017


Present: Helen Peters, Alicia Fisher, Nicole Schenewerk, Derek Van Ruler


I.      The meeting was called to order by President Helen Peters at 2:45pm.  Pledge of Allegiance was stated.

II.    The minutes of the previous meeting (September 2017) were read and approved.

III.   Report of committees:

A.    Executive Committee:  we will be hosting a walk-a-thon in order to raise finances for the PTA.  We have found other school that have hosted a walk-a-thon and will try to learn what they did well.  We will move this event from November to the spring time.

B.     Principal’s Report:

1.    Mrs. Giberson is selecting the second student of the month. 

2.    Additionally, the Krispy Kreme orders need to be brought in by tomorrow. 

3.    There has been an influx of new students due to displaced students from Hurricane Maria. There were 4 new students today.

4.    Mrs. Fisher and the United Way are trying to create a sibling program for the kids in the STEAM program.

C.   Fundraising Committee:

1.    The candy sale grossed less sales than expected.  At this time, we are unsure what the profit will actually be.

2.    The hoagie and pizza sales did better than expected.  We finished with $1992 in profit. 

3.    We are still working on adding up the total sales from the Krispy Kreme fundraiser.

4.    50 cent Friday: our first event raised $111.25. The next event in November will be crazy hair.

5.    Any parents that want to help can talk with Brandy Weiser. 

D.   Membership Committee: we have 62 members.

E.    Facebook page: Tiara Bartol stated that if you have any pictures or information you would like to put on the page please email her. 

F.    Important dates:

1.    End of first marking period - November 7

2.    Gertrude Hawk Candy Pick-up - November 8

3.    Parent Teacher Conferences - November 20, 21

4.    Half days with dismissal at 11:15am on November 20, 21, 22

5.    Thanksgiving vacation - November 23-27

6.    Picture retakes - December 1

7.    December 22 - Christmas party, Santa, 1/2 day with dismissal at 11:15am

8.    Next PTA Meeting - January 8

IV.  Unfinished Business - none

V.    New Business

A.    Future fundraisers (possible)

1.    Wendy’s

2.    Bob Evans

3.    Rada Knives Cutlery

B.    Beck Yearbook:  due to lower than expected profit from fundraisers we will be charging each student $5 for their yearbook this year.  The total cost is $12. The PTA will pay the remainder.

C.   Christmas Gift:  we ask that the sheet we are sending home regarding shirt size be returned by Friday

D.   Christmas gift wrapping: it was stated that we should talk with the National Honor Society to help us with this event as they need to fill volunteer hours. 

VI.  Treasurer’s Report

A.    Nicole gave the treasurer's report. It is on file for audit and your consideration.

VII. Adjournment: 3:09pm

A.    Will Catizone motioned to adjourn the meeting

B.    Riley Campbell seconded

C.   All were in favor

PTA Meeting September 11, 2017

Grace S. Beck Elementary PTA Meeting Minutes

September 11, 2017

Present: Helen Peters, Alicia Fisher, Nicole Schenewerk, Derek Van Ruler

I.        The meeting was called to order by President Helen Peters at 2:52pm. Pledge of Allegiance 
was stated. The officers were introduced.

II. Minutes from the previous meeting (April 2016) were read by Nicole Schenewerk and 
approved. Nicole stated the m
inutes will be posted on the Beck webpage. Additionally the 
Facebook page will have updates for the PTA

A.     1st motion: Katie Booth

B.      2nd motion: Will Catizone

IIITreasurer's report: Nicole Sread the report and the information is filed for audit
IV. Audit committee gave their report.

A.     Motion was made to approve the audit

1.       1st: Michele Dormer

2.       2nd: S

teph Persing

V.     Report of Committees

W.    It was noted that Sierra Miller was added as the teacher representative to the executive 

X.     Fundraising Committee

1.       Gift Card Bingo: Michele Dormer runs the committee that includes Riley Campbell
Katie Booth, Elizabeth Straub, Sierra Miller, and Brandy Weiser.

a)       Michelle stated that she is working on creating a letter in order to ask 
businesses for their partnership. She is needing to get the formal letter on 
official school letterhead.

2.       Candy sales: Michelle Koppen stated that we will be selling Gertrude Hawk candy 
starting on September 15th.

C.      Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Brandy Weiser is the parent volunteer coordinator. She 
asked that the PTA executive committee send her the contact information of those 
interested in volunteering from the PTA for various events.

D.     Membership Committee: We have 26 members of the PTAToday more members were 
added. It may be one of our largest in a while.

E.      Facebook Page: Tiara Bartol will be updating our Beck PTA Facebook Page.

F.       Website: If you want more information on the PTA you can go to the Beck School 
web page and click on the tab for PTA
This will now have minutes from the previous 

G.     Important Dates

1.       Gertrude Hawk Candy Sale: September 15 to October 2

2.       Marlin’s Hoagie and Domino's Tickets: Due September 20

3.       Teacher in service: October 9

4.       Lifetouch Pictures: October 17

5.       Halloween ActivitiesOctober 31: 1/2 day in service

6.       Gertrude Hawk Candy pick up: week of November 6

7.       Next PTA Meeting: Monday, November 6

8.       End of first marking period: November 7

VIUnfinished business: There was no unfinished business 
New Business

A.     2017-2018 Budget

1.       Budget was proposed by Nicole Schenewerk. She stated that it is a tight budget.

a)       Added events: Walk-a-thon was added to raise more finances for the PTA.

Parents will be able to watch their kids on the outside of the fence at the Beck 
Elementary playground while the students will walk on the inside of the fence.

b)      Motion to approve the budget was made. 
(1) 1st: Michelle Koppen

(2) 2nd: Mary Anna Rebar

(3) Budget passed.

B.      Possible PTA Meeting Dates

1.       November 6

2.       January 8

3.       April 2: election of officers

4.   June 4: to prepare for the 2018-2019 school year 
IIPrincipal's report

A.     First week of school went well

B.      Special thanks to the team from Wilson, NC who came in and helped the teachers set up 
for the school year.

C.      Questions/comments

D.     Teachers have proposed hosting a special day once a month where students could pay 
50 cents in order to do something special on that particular day (Le. wear a hat, wear 
your pajamas, etc.)

E.      Adjournment

F.       Motion was made to adjourn at 3:18pm.

1.       1st: Will Catizone

2.       2nd: Steph Persing 

PTA Executive Meeting August 16, 2017

PTA Executive Board Meeting Present: Helen Peters, Nicole Schenewerk, Alicia Fisher, Sue Guiberson, Derek Van Ruler. 

Meeting started at 12:10pm. 

Helen opened by presenting the 2016-2017 budget and the 2016-2017 actual income and expenses. Helen mentioned we have a beginning balance from the 2016-2017 fiscal year of $8,513.38 with $5600 coming from boxtops which we'd like to use for a screen in the cafeteria. We had 62 members last year. We expect 60 members in 2017-2018. We get $2 per member in profit. 

Nicole discussed changes to the budget. Discussion was had regarding new numbers for 2017-2018. Discussion was had about how to create a more competitive environment to drive up Spring Fair Candy Sales. Discussion was had about how to drive up boxtop turn in. The top class in September will get a lunch with Sue Guiberson. Discussion was had about Krispy Kreme. We decided to have Krispy Kreme sales 3 times this year. Sue will contact Dominoes to get 100 gift cards. Helen has contacted Marlins for a fundraiser. 

Our expected income for 2017-2018 is $35,391.25. Our beginning balance is $8,513.38 from the 2016-2017 fiscal year. We hope to bring in an income of $28,220 giving us an expected total income of $36,733.38. Our expected expense for 2017-2018 is $35,391.25.