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Classroom Rules and Routines

Classroom Rules:

Listen to Instructions
Enter and Exit Prepared
Always be Prepared
Respect Ourselves and Others
No Excuses
Classroom Routines:

Table Routine
1. Sit at Assigned Table
2. Table Leader grab caddy and trashcan
3. Use whisper voice
4. Clean caddy better than you found it
5. Table Leader return caddy and trashcan

Group Work
1. Stay at your table
2. One person talks at a time
3. Keep area neat and tidy
4. Do not yell to other groups
5. Everyone participates

Handing in Assignments
1. Get all materials together
2. Make sure name is on all papers
3. Put student number on all papers
4. Stand on floor numbers
5. Hand papers into class bin

Line Routine
1. Line up when dismissed
2. Line leader first
3. Stand on your number (one by one)
4. Caboose last
5. No talking

Leaving Class
1. Raise hand to ask to leave
2. Walk quietly to door
3. Sign out at door
4. Grab hall pass
5. Do your business quickly

Chair Routine
1. Bottom on flat part of chair
2. Back against back rest
3. Slide chair in
4. Knees under desk
5. Eyes forward on teacher and board

Talking in Class
1. Raise your hand
2. Do not call out
3. Wait to be called on
4. One person at a time
5. Do not talk when Miss Bartol is talking