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Classroom Policies

Each student will be held accountable for knowing and upholding the classroom rules and routines on a daily basis. If these rules/routines are broken in any way, students will be held to the following consequences:

1. Warning
2. Loss of Recess/Reteach
3. Call Home

Every student will be expected to complete the homework that is assigned for that night. Homework is an extension of the content taught in class that day and is put in place to reinforce the learning that has occurred. 
Student who do not complete their homework will finish it during recess/workroom at the end of the day.
If a student successfully completes their homework every day for a month, they will receive a no homework pass!
Students who complete their homework and follow the rules and routines will end our day with recess. If the weather is cooperating, we will take the students outside. As the weather gets colder we recommend that students bring appropriate attire if they wish to go outside. 

Appropriate Attire:
Close Toe Shoes

Homework Pass/Test Ticket
Students will be given homework passes throughout the year. Ways to obtain a homework pass include:
    Obtaining 30 Dojo Points
    Completing a whole month of homework
If a student decides to use a homework pass, they are to staple the pass to the homework assignment and hand it in.

Students will also have an opportunity to obtain test tickets. Ways to obtain a test ticket include:
    Answering special questions on Quizzes
If a student decides to use a test ticket, they are to hand in the test ticket with their test and choose one problem to skip on the test. This question will not be graded.