Library Policies

Library Policies
Students visit the library once each 6-day cycle.  During that time, they learn library skills to prepare them for life-long learning and borrow library books to foster a love of reading.


Checkout Procedures
Part of each class's library visit is spent selecting new books to borrow.  
Kindergarten, first, and second grade students may borrow 1 book.
Third and fourth grade students may borrow 2 books.
Fifth grade students may borrow up to 3 books. 
Students may renew books if they are not finished reading them.  Books may be renewed two times.  Overdue fines are not charged, but students are encouraged to return their books on time so they can select new books and to allow other students to use the books.  Reminder notices will be sent home with students when books are overdue for an extended period of time.
Students are not permitted to check out new books until overdue books have been returned!


Replacing Lost/ Damaged Books
Beginning in Kindergarten, students learn the importance of taking good care of their library books.  All students are encouraged to take care of their library books and return them in the same condition as they were when they were checked out.
Should a book be lost or damaged so that it is unable to be re-shelved, students will be asked to pay the cost of replacing the book.

Arrangements may be made with Ms. Fogarty to replace the lost or damaged book with an identical copy of the same title (if the book is a paperback, a paperback replacement will be expected and if the book is a hardcover, a hardcover replacement will be expected).  Please contact Ms. Fogarty to discuss details 
before purchasing a replacement copy of a book!