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Course Expectations

 Mrs. Bobinis’ Course Expectations (2015-2016)

“Health, Happiness, and Productivity”


Math- In 6th grade, we do not have a math book; rather students are given class packets and homework packets.  It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of these materials.  If a packet is lost another one will be given, but points will be deducted from the grade when it is collected.


Social Studies- Students are given a book, which they are to use for the completion of their class work and homework. 


In-Class Folder

Students will be given a folder, which they are to use for math and social studies.  This folder MUST come with students to each class.



I believe that homework is a crucial part of any learning experience.  It is designed to help students practice newly learned skills.  Homework is not busy work!

** Homework will be assigned almost every night.

**  Students will be given a “smiley face” that they can get stamped every time a homework assignment is completed.  Once the “smiley face” is filled, students can pick a prize from the homework prize list.



Assessing students is the only way that I can tell what students are learning in class.  Assessment will occur in 6 forms (for math) and 4 forms (for social studies):

1.     (Math only) In Class Packet- Students will be given credit for completing various assignments and activities during class and their effort in completing those activities.

2.     Homework Packet- At the end of each section, students will turn in their completed homework packets.

3.     Quizzes/Quick Checks- Each grading period will be made up of announced and unannounced quizzes.  Quizzes may be taken individually or with a partner.

4.     Tests- Tests will come in a variety of forms: computational, multiple choice, and written responses.  Tests will cover information learned throughout the school year.  Before a test, students may be given a study guide for homework. 

5.      Projects- Students will be given various projects to complete, either individually or with a partner. Projects will range from 10 to 100 points. 

6.     (Math only) Bell Ringer Checks- Bell Ringers may be collected at any time.  Students receive a grade for their effort in completing the bell ringer, not necessarily graded based on correct/incorrect answers.


If you would like to check your child’s grade at any time, visit:  http://powerschool.shikbraves.org



What happens if I am absent?

Ë As soon as a student returns to school, they must check their slot for absent work.  Students are given the number of days they were absent to make up the missed work.  (Example- you miss 2 days of school, you have 2 days to make up the work.)

Ë If a student misses a day when an assignment is due, they are required to turn in this work the day they return to school. 

Ë If a student misses a test/quiz, they have 1 week to make up the test, on their time, before a zero is added to the grade book.



In our class, there are three very simple rules to be followed:   

                        1.  Respect all people and property at all times

                        2.  Come to class prepared (Book, pencil, assignments, etc.)

                        3.  Follow the rules established in the students’ handbook


In our school, we expect “Respect, Responsibility, and Safety” to be the focus.  In our classroom, I expect “Peace, Productivity, and Happiness” to be the focus.  If students are able to show this, through the attainment of teepees (the number of teepees is different each month), students are rewarded by attending a monthly award each month.


* However, if these rules are not followed, the following consequences will occur, in the order that they are listed.

1.     Green- Everyone starts the day here J

2.     Verbal Warning – Orange

3.     Reflection- Yellow

4.     Phone call home- Red


*If Step 3 and 4 are frequently achieved, a meeting will be set up with parents/guardians, myself, and Mrs. Giberson.*


How the classroom works.


Entering Class

**  Place your homework and “smiley face” on your desk.

** Begin the bell ringer as soon as your homework is out.



** If you need your pencil sharpened, please ask before class starts.

** If you need a pencil or eraser, borrow one from the jar, and take your class’ cone color and place it on your desk.

**  Return the pencil/eraser and return the cone when done borrowing it.

**  If the borrowed item is not returned before class ends, you will lose recess time until it is returned.



** Drinks and restroom breaks are given at the discretion of the teacher. 

Ë They will only be allowed when active learning is not taking place.

Ë You MUST take the pass with your in order to leave the room.


**  Each class is assigned its own basket.

**  The purpose of the basket is to collect assignments to be GRADED.

**  Place materials in the basket either BEFORE or AFTER class, not in the middle.



** There will be assigned seats, which will change randomly, at the teacher’s discretion.



**  Baskets will be placed at each desk with the required materials for the day. 

**  If you need a material that is not out, please ask.

**  Paper is located in the basket at the side bookshelf at all times.



**  Every few weeks jobs will be assigned to students who volunteer.

Ë If you do a job, you must also be able to complete your class work too!



**  Each student will be assigned a calculator number.  This is your calculator for the year!



**  Students will be expected to be “PAX”ey at all times.  We are striving for peace, productivity, health, and happiness at all times in the classroom.

** PAX games will be played from time ranging from 5-45 minutes, with prizes chosen by the students or the teacher for those who win the PAX prizes.