Shark Tank Project

Business Plan - Click here to get a copy of the business plan packet. business plan packet
Inventions - Check out these videos! Amazing kids! This could be you one day!

TED under 20 (13 talks)

Talks from scientists, musicians, innovators -- all in their teens. Watch these amazing wunderkinds.

Creating my Market Survey

You will need to create a Market Survey for your business idea. You may use ( help you. Then, convince your friends and family to take your survey. 

**Beforecreating your own Market Survey, take a look at my example survey. Pretend thatyou have seen a product which I will try to sell and take the survey. Click onthe link below.


Using Survey Monkey

1.    Clickon the link above or type the address into the address bar of your browser.

2.   You will be using a special accountcreated by Mrs. Ferry for the gifted classes.

3.   Click Sign In in the upper right handcorner.

4.   The username is Gifted_Kids . The password is gifted2013.

5.   You may use one of the Market ResearchSurvey templates or simply choose “Create Survey”. Be sure to give the survey aname you will remember.

6.   If you use a template, there is aquestion bank for you to choose questions from.

7.   Copy the link to your survey. If youhave email, you can send the survey to your friends and family. If not, you maythen choose to print the survey and hand it out to your friends and family. Youmay wish to do both. Don’t forget to find a way to introduce your business ideaor product to your friends/family. You may wish to create a flyer in MicrosoftPublisher first.

8.   Next class, check on the results of yoursurvey.