Research Projects

Research Projects
This page is to help students with the research process. When I find new web sites or other useful information, I will post it here.

KidsClick! - A web browser for kids made by librarians.

Source Reliability - "I read it on the internet! It must be true!" Suggestions for checking your source reliability.

Helpful Tip Pages for Research 

How to Take Notes for Research
Paraphrasing - Check your work! Be sure that you are paraphrasing and not plagiarizing.

Citation Help from Mrs. J. Reichenbach's web-page (citing your sources, giving credit where credit is due)

14 Best Online Bibliography sites

Citing your sources. - Remember to use MLA style!

Online writing lab from Perdue University
 Writing your Thesis Statement

Youtube videos about writing Thesis Statements

Writing introductions and conclusions

Graphic Organizer for 5 Paragraph Essays or Research Projects
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