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The following is a course being offered by the Khan Academy
It may be something cool for you to work on!! Check it out! 
(You may want to get your parents' permission to sign-up as a student on the Khan Academy. The parent permission form can be printed from my page called Printable Forms for Gifted. If you do sign up, use this code to allow me to be your coach and link yourself to our class. 522QMY)
The Hour of Code is coming (Message from the founder of the Khan Academy)

When I first started Khan Academy I managed to pull the website together with some pretty rusty coding skills I had picked up in college. I realize now that I was one of the lucky ones - 90% of students don't get the opportunity to learn any type of computer coding while they're at school. That's crazy when you consider how much of our lives require technology.



This week over 5 million students will participate in the Hour of Code - and try out coding for the first time. I want to ask you to check out our pre-built lesson and  try it out - at the end of the hour, you'll have coded your very own greeting card to send to someone this holiday season:



Check out the Hour of Code



If they can type, they can code. Coding may seem a little scary to some, but we’ve made a fun hour of coding that’ll have them building things in a snap.



The founders of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google all started their journeys with just one line of code. Our kids should all have the chance to create the technology of the future, not just use it. I can't wait to see what everyone makes!



Founder of Khan Academy, lover of code