Genius Hour Projects

This year we are going to be starting a new project called the Genius Hour Project( This project gives students an opportunity to research and learn about something that they are interested in. 
Here are some topics, which 6th graders in Chris Kessler's class used, (taken from the web site). This is not a list for you to choose from. It's just to give you examples to get you brainstorming for your own. Remember, if you can find the answer quickly by doing a google search, you will need to change your question. Good Luck!!


Genius Hour Ideas – 6th graders

What is the question(s) that you are going to answer over the next several weeks?
To make people aware of how hard farm life is
how does the circulatory system of a horse work?
How to throw a football like a quarterback
how to make homemade plah-doh  for little kids to play with
Can me and Collin create a website from scratch on creating a websites from scratch?
Can me and Beau make a website from scratch while doing a tutorial of it.
How did dinosaurs become the animals we know today.
How the heart works and why we need a heart.
i want to learn more about the old mars rover and how big is it

I’m am going to research about how the brain works and how it is made and what it is made of.
how to make a bow
I am going to do a project on how to make a bow for your hair .
how did Joe Montana(forty niners)QB get to be himself by getting to the hall of fame and make his jersey
how do rovers work and build a model of the rover
I’m going to be doing my project on how rockets work and I’m going to build a model of it.
How can people see better with glasses than without
How make a homemade arcade game with no electricity.:p
How do babies form inside there mother?
how to a rover and how it works.

children’s wolf book
Do you want to make t-shirts,bows?This is the person to see.
I Want To Research How To Go Down A Ramp
How to make an website
I’m going to ask what is makeup made of.
What causes us to forget?
my question is: how do we lose weight in our bodies
How are different types of cancer formed or caused and how they can maybe be cured or if there is a cure.
Black holes…everything about black holes.i want to try to learn everything about black holes
where are lynx at so that people can buy them cause they are to sell them and earn money for new lynx to have made a preserve to let them live
how is heart cancer caused?
what is the difference between a wild hog and a javalina.
what causes hiv/aids y it kills you
pediatrician studies
do the gnomes from Argentina exist
how to rebuild a small engine
How to make a tutu?
How does brain cancer spread?
what does Bigfoot and chupacabra actually mean in mythology and in real life where can you find the mare they real or mythscan someone in the future actually discover them

what are chupacabras really

is Bigfoot a ape or a man

How can I become a millionaire over night?
How has technology affected the human body?
do the gnomes from argentina exist
My favorite question is “how does crossbreeding animals work?” I also have “what makes people laugh?”, “what caused the Big Bang Theory?”, “how do elements form?”, and “how does the skeletal system heal broken bones?”.
How Does A Plane Fly
my question is : how do trees grow flowers and leaves?
What are the migration routes of the great white shark? How long does it take them to go in a whole route? At what season do they reach at each place they stop at?
How did the universe start?
How to make a car from scratch.
Is bigfoot real
What are all the types of cancer. What can the  doctors do to help.
I am going to bring awareness to littering and polluting.
explain more about black holes
How does your brain connect with your movements?
Bring Awareness:Smoking
how did Roberto Carlos kicked the banana kick,and the 180 degrees kick.
how to increase reaction times and how to increase eye hand coordination.
i want to know what type of stuff is out in space
How does the human color pattern works?
what happens when a meteor hits the earth?how loud is the sound when the meteor hits the earth????
Why are people worried about global warming?
I want to know if the Evolution theory is actually real?
how was the universe form
Learn all there is to know about dolphinss
who built alcatraz
how are children born with autisum.
how can people get healthier and live longer?
how a rocket launcher work
why do black holes suck stuff
y r frogs slimy
What jobs give the most money?
I am going to answer for the next week that how can i look for my project i am trying to research and the project in going to research is “How Are Babies developed” but is i can’t looked for that one i think i might have to change it.
My question is…Why do we shrink when we get old???
what causes cancer and why does it happen.
What are the deadliest fish in the oceans
The questions that i am going to ask is,how was the universe was created and the research i am going to do is how was the sun and the planets in our solar system Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,and Pluto.
what are some ways to jump higher in basketball
Why do people get white hairs as they get older and how are they formed.?