Grace S. Beck Elementary School

Grace S. Beck Elementary School
600 Arch Street
Sunbury. PA 17801
Phone: 570-286-3725
Fax: 570-286-3866
Principal: Mrs. Susan Giberson

All other phone numbers to this location are discontinued.
Please use 570-286-3725 and follow the prompts.
Grace S. Beck Elementary School
BK1 Mrs. Oriana Auman -Kindergarten
BK2 Mrs. Michelle Koppen -Kindergarten
BK3 Mrs. Alicia Fisher -Kindergarten

B11 Mrs. Riley Campbell - First Grade
B12 Mr. Jonathan Scullin - First Grade
B13 Miss Stephanie Persing - First Grade

B21 Mr. Ryan Swineford - Second Grade
B22 Mrs. Nicole Schenewerk -Second Grade
B23 Mr. William Catizone - Second Grade

B31 Mr. Michael Becker - Third Grade
B32 Ms. Sierra Miller - Third Grade 
B33 Mrs. Katie Booth - Third Grade

B41 Mrs. MaryAnna Rebar -Fourth Grade
B42 Mr.  Paul Kolody -Fourth Grade
B43 Ms. Tiara Bartol -Fourth Grade

B51 Mrs. Lindsey Scholl - Fifth Grade
B52 Mr. Drew Fatool - Fifth Grade
B53 Ms. Hendrickson - Fifth Grade

Mrs. Lisa Kabonick - Title I 
Ms. Michele Dormer - Title I 

Mrs. Paige Allman - Learning Support Teacher 
Ms. Kendra Dressler - Learning Support Teacher
 Mrs. Stephanie Culp - Classroom Aide

Ms. Corbin - Class Size Reduction Intervention Specialist
Ms. Piekanski - Class Size Reduction Intervention Specialist

Ms. Minda Fogarty - Librarian
Mr. Zerbe - Library Aide

Mr. Matthew Shively - Physical Education
Mrs. Gina Miscannon - Guidance

Mrs. Jane Reichenbach  - Enrichment Teacher
Mr. Frank DeLucca - Music

Mrs. Christine Landau - Art
Mr. Aaron Naginey - Speech Therapist 

Mrs. Carol Engle - Health Room Technician
Ms. Karlen Light - PreK Counts (IU)

Mrs. Pamela Schlegel - ELL
Mrs. Lynne Ivory - IU

 Congratulations to Mr. Paul Kolody our newest
National Board Certified Teacher!!!

December Info:

     13th - 6pm Holiday Musical by the 4th & 5th graders

     21st - Holiday Activities
               Dismissal @ 11:15pm

     Enjoy your vacation from Dec. 22 - Jan. 1st

     See you January 2nd!

*** Remember to bring a form of ID with you as we now have the Raptor program.  In addition, if you want to help in the classroom or attend a field trip you need to have your clearances on file.